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  • Rikon Impeller For Hf 2hp Dc Woodworking Talk

    Sep 27, 2019 Rikon impeller to a 2HP Harbor Freight dust collector. Can someone point me to the thread, or better yet, to the actual Rikon part number After a year of running the HF DD, Im upgrading to overhead rigid ducting and a Super Dust Deputy cyclone.

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Impeller Upgrade

    Mar 11, 2018 I have a Harbor Freight 2HP dust collector. I havent fully integrated it with ducting and a permanent housing yet, but Ive made some modifications such as a Thein baffle and a 55 gallon drum for chip collection. Im venting outside, so dont need a fancy filter. In my research, Ive seen a lot of talk about upgrading the impeller with the Rikon part number P60-200-22.

  • Harbor Freight Rikonstein Dc Product Reviews Wood

    May 11, 2017 I modified my Harbor Freight Dust Collector with the 12 Rikon impeller, opened up the inlet to 6 and turned it into a two stage scylone with the Super Dust Deputy XL. I shot a video of the entire process and measured the CFM of the final system. I am

  • Modified Harbor Freight Dust Collector Jays Custom

    A 5 hole was cut in the center to accept the impeller air intake. ... How well would the harbor freight dust collector work just using the motor only with a presorting can to catch the chips and just running the exit hose outside for the fine dust So not using the baffle at all. any input is greatly appreciated

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Upgrade Questions The

    Feb 05, 2021 So, like many, I have the 2HP Harbor Freight Dust collector, upgraded to a Wynn 35A filter. I am looking to get more airflow out of the DC and am wondering about an impeller and output upgrade, and have some questions... 1. The Rikon P60-200-22 impeller seems to be the recommended replacement, but it appears to no longer be

  • Convert Harbor Freight Dust Collector To 2 Stage Collector

    Mar 10, 2021 The harbor freight brand of tools is central machinery, normally you see a green dust collector. However, it seems that harbor freight has change the color to gray. This is the same as the green one it is just gray. The dust collector has 3 main components Motor and Blower This actually pushes the air into the chamber where the filter is.

  • Is It Worth It To Modify Hf Dust Collector Power Tools

    Mar 11, 2016 Currently I have the 2hp harbor freight dust collector and I have been moving it around to any machine I need to use. But I want to go ahead and install ducts and have a more permanent setup. While lots of people modify the harbor freight dust collector, what is less clear is if it is worth it.

  • My Best Harbor Freight Mods Thoughts Intro

    Apr 04, 2016 Second best modification, I ordered a Rikon impeller for my HF DC. That took me to new flow heights - impeller size from a 9.75 diameter to a true 12 diameter. Rikon - 877-884-5167 - ask for parts, do NOT talk about your HF-DC, state you need an impeller for a 60-200 DC, part 22 for the impeller. Part 26 for a new bolt and part 27 for the ...

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Router Forums

    Aug 24, 2019 1,145 Posts. Discussion Starter 1 Jan 16, 2018. I got an email from HF yesterday to advertise their latest sale. Theres a coupon in it for the 2HP dust collector at 169.99 Had I not just given them a bit over 500 for a generator Id be there buying a new DC. The coupon is good until 1

  • Homemade Cyclone Dust Collection System Woodcentral

    The blower is powered by a Harbor Freight 5 HP compressor duty motor propelling a 14 impeller from Jet Tools now called WMH Tools. Please look at the Cost Analysis for the prices of these items. Although its a 5 HP motor, it draws 15 amps, so it is really much closer to a 3 HP motor. I had my friend whos a machinist make a custom ...

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Upgrades

    Mar 23, 2018 Re Harbor Freight Dust Collector upgrades Reply 8 on March 23, 2018, 063449 AM My shops equipped with the 5 Hp ClearVue cyclone and uses 6 inch main pipes which run to each tool except my Jet mid lathe which is in a far corner of the shop where I failed to run the pipes.

  • Dust Collector Great Deals On Dust Collectors At Harbor

    Product Overview. This 2 HP dust collector delivers powerful dust collection exactly where you need it. With 1550 CFM air flow this portable dust collector is more effective than many big stationary units. The upper filter bag screens out particles as small as 5 microns - 110 the diameter of a human hair.

  • Harbor Freight 2hp Dust Collector Woodworking Talk

    Nov 16, 2014 Harbor Freight 2hp dust collector. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 20 Posts. S. Steve Neul Registered. Joined Sep 2, 2011 27,055 Posts . Discussion Starter 1 Nov 7 ... The grid is so close to the impeller a person could easily put their fingers in it so I dont think the grid is a safety devise. I think its there so it stops up ...

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Conversion Woodworking

    Apr 13, 2014 First is a Dust Right Swivel connected to a 3 DWV to 4 SampD adapter. Connecting the adapter to the elbow is a piece of SampD pipe cut 4 long. The fittings are secured with screws and a hose clamp. The 5 hose that connects to the impeller is a piece I cut from the hose that came with the Harbor Freight collector.

  • Workshop Dust Collection 20 Modding A Harbor Freight 2

    Jan 07, 2019 Before I get into it, here is the what the Harbor Freight dust collector looks like when its assembled and not modified. I took a few photos during my build. First task was some knolling. I installed the cyclone kit on the trash can cover and made a Thien baffle. A very ugly cart was made using scrap wood. The only 2x4s I had were extremely ...

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Bags

    Hello Select your address All ...

  • Dust Collection Research Blower Bill Pentz

    May 10, 2016 Unfortunately, Harbor Freight quit selling these, so you are going to have to look elsewhere. Impeller Material. ... The bottom line is Jet requires a full 3 hp motor to power this impeller with a dust collector which does not move as much air. The more air we move the harder the motor must work meaning more current, amperage and hp required.

  • Making A Cyclone Chip Separator For A Dust Collector 10

    Step 1 The Dust Collector. Being on a tight budget, I chose the 2hp model from Harbor Freight. I waited until it was on sale, and then used a 20 off coupon making the total price around 165 with tax. I think the 2hp rating is a little overly generous, but it still cant be beat for the money.

  • Dust Collector

    WEN 3401 5.7-Amp 660 CFM Dust Collector with 12-Gallon Bag and Optional Wall Mount. 4.1 out of 5 stars 732. ... 3 HP Dust Collector with Aluminum Impeller. 4.5 out of 5 stars 13. Save 12. 741.00 741. 00 840.00 840.00. ... Harbor Freight Dust Collector Bags for Central Machinery 70 Gallon Dust Collector 5 Pack Made in USA ...

  • Onieda Super Dust Deputyhf Dust Collector Wimpeller

    Hbr Frght Dust Collector 2 pieces that make up the 2 Stage retro fit like NEW, used for testing only. Impeller has been enlarged by 1-34 welded on additional length for fin blades. Lone Ranger III Dust Collector remote switch with remote button. 110v. It will turn dust collector on from anywhere in the shop. The Super Deputy is brand new.

  • Oak Dowel Shear Strength Dryer Sawdust Collection System

    Sep 01, 2020 They are both designed to spin the same direction and can both function on the Harbor Freight dust collector. The stock impeller is actually a way to inexpensively get more CFM. So, the larger impeller is actually less stress on the motor under the static pressure of a dust collector

  • Harbor Freight Dust Collector Review Woodworkers Guild

    Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector, Model 97869 199.00 Coupons and discounts are frequently available for all Harbor Freight tools, and shipping is a flat

  • Central Machinery 70 Gallon 2 Hp Harbor Freight

    Buy the CENTRAL MACHINERY 70 gallon 2 HP Heavy Duty High Flow High Capacity Dust Collector Item 97869 for 179.99 with coupon code 57973440, valid through June 30, 2020. See the coupon for details.Compare our price of 179.99 to Shop Fox at 405.99 model number W1685. Save 226 by shopping at Harbor Freight.This 2 HP

  • Harbor Freight Portable Dust Collector Raffles Educity

    STEPS. 1 HP Industrial Portable Dust Collector Item 31810 660 CFM, 7 Amps, 1 HP Link Here. Nick, Using a separator such as a dust deputy greatly reduces the larger chips from going into the dust collector. I have read a few articlesposts online about adding a larger impeller to a Harbor Freight dust collector.