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  • Biofouling Wikipedia

    Biofouling or biological fouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals where it is not wanted on surfaces such as ship and submarine hulls,12 devices such as water inlets, pipework, grates, ponds, and rivers that cause degradation to the primary purpose of that item. Such accumulation is referred to as ...

  • Organotroph Wikipedia

    An organotroph is an organism that obtains hydrogen or electrons from organic substrates. This term is used in microbiology to classify and describe organisms based on how they obtain electrons for their respiration processes. Some organotrophs such as animals and many bacteria, are also heterotrophs. Organotrophs can be either anaerobic or ...

  • Doctoral Dissertations Available From Proquest

    Waraho, Thaddao 2011 Effects of free fatty acids, mono- and diacylglycerols on oxidative stability of soybean oil-in-water emulsions Watkins, Kristina A 2011 Defining Legal Parenthood The Intersection of Gender and Sexual Identity in U.S. Child Custody Decisions, 20032009

  • Hot And Cold Packs A Thermochemistry Activity

    A discussion of chemical hot and cold packs can really warm up a classroom lesson on thermochemistry. In this hands-on activity, students use a coffee cup calorimeter to measure the heat of solution of a chemical salt using 3 different masses and then design ...

  • Sarasota County Restricts Fertilizer Use In Summer As Red

    362021 The red tide organism, which emerged in lower Tampa Bay in late April, was also found in low to low concentrations in Manatee County. No fish kills were reported in Sarasota and Manatee County.

  • Phytase An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

    No effects were observed for Ca 2 and Fe 2 however, enzyme activity increased by 13 and 30 with the addition of Co 2 and Mn 2, respectively. Similarly, Salmon et al. 2012 , studied the effect of various metal ions on phytase excreted from Schizophyllum commune.