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  • Chinese Ghanaian Arrested With 21 Gold Bars Are Illegal

    Jun 10, 2021 News Chinese, Ghanaian Arrested With 21 Gold Bars Are Illegal Minners Small-Scale Miner Insists

  • Ghana Arrests Chinese For Illegal Mining Bbc News

    Jun 06, 2013 A Ghana immigration official told Xinhua news agency that the detainees were involved in illegal gold mining . They are being held at an immigration centre in Accra, Chinese officials said.

  • Ghana Takes Action Against Illegal Chinese Miners Iss Africa

    Illegal mining is the driving factor behind a raft of problems in Ghana it pits citizens against one another and against Chinese miners, results in an economic shortfall for the government and deprives citizens of a possible source of income.

  • Illicit Chinese Smallscale Mining In Ghana Beyond

    Oct 25, 2019 Although illegal small-scale mining and its impacts are not new in Ghana, the proliferation of Chinese miners has revolutionized the sector, and reshaped the local economies and social relations. The use of excavators, bulldozers, and trench drills, among other equipment, has reduced the drudgery and manual methods of mining 2 .

  • Galamsey 30 Soldiers Caught Guarding Chinese Ghana

    Jan 19, 2021 Install our latest app for Android and read the best news about Ghana. There was a near-altercation at a mining site at Tontokrom in the Manso area of the Ashanti as a task force tried to arrest Chinese people engaged in illegal mining galamsey.

  • Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy The Case Of Ghanas Galamsey

    Jul 27, 2020 Following arrests of illegal miners in April 2017, Chinese officials threatened the government of Ghana to guide the media to give an objective coverage on the illegal mining issue and complained of distorted or biased reports and stories on Chinese people.

  • Easy Riches Draw Illegal Chinese Miners To Ghana Enca

    Jun 12, 2013 Accra, Ghana - Porous borders, corruption and the chance of riches have helped draw illegal gold miners to Ghana from as far away as China,

  • 2 Chinese Galamsey Operators Arrested At Pra River

    Apr 28, 2021 The exercise was in response to the directive by President Nana Akufo-Addo for all to help end the illegal mining manace in Ghana particularly, on river bodies. It was revealed that the two chinese illegal miners who have been arrested will be transported to

  • Guest Post Chinese Illegal Gold Miners In Ghana

    Jun 21, 2013 On May 14th, Ghanas Ministerial Task force led by the President Mahama launched a crackdown on illegal gold mining. It targets any foreigners who operate in small-scale gold mining or Galamsey as Ghanaians call it. By June 6, 169 Chinese miners were detained and sent to Accra. 124 of them were detained at Ghana Immigration Services and ...

  • Massive Illegal Chinese Goldmining Uncovered In Eastern

    Jun 20, 2021 In Ghana , His Excellency President Nana Akofo Addo has not only stopped illegal Chinese mining, but actually sent Ghanian armed forces to arrest the miners and destroy their equipment. Here we have a conscious leader who knows that a rich environment is Ghana and Ghana is a healthy environment.

  • Two Chinese Galamseyers Arrested In Western Region

    Apr 29, 2021 Security operatives have arrested two Chinese illegal miners at their rented residence at Ateiku in the Western Region. The Wassa East District Security Council, who led the arrest, said the miners, who armed guards were protecting, were operating at a site in Patatwumso.

  • Environmental Impact Of Illegal Mining In Ghana Part 2

    Mar 23, 2021 In the last several years, however, largely unregulated illegal mining known in Ghana as galamsey mining has ramped up due in part to Chinese investors who bring sophisticated equipment and a lagging economy that makes the prospect of striking gold too sweet to pass.

  • Court Orders Deportation Of 4 Chinese Involved In Illegal

    Feb 23, 2021 A Kumasi High Court has convicted four Chinese nationals for their involvement in illegal mining activities on a 40-acre land of Obuasi-based Seidu Fanzia School. The plaintiffs sought ...

  • Stop Treating The Lunatic Fringe Of Chinese Illegal Miners

    Apr 14, 2021 The careless Chinese illegal miners then end up violating the laws which govern the small scale mining sector. The overarching question then is Why are the regulators the Ghana Minerals Commission and other bodies refusing to keep a close eye on the illegal activities of the unpatriotic Ghanaians and their foreign minions, many of whom are ...

  • Ghana Ag Chinese Nationals Arrested For Illegal Mining

    Jun 01, 2021 A Chinese miner detained following a raid by Ghanaian security forces near the Pra river as part of Operation Halt, a campaign to stop illegal mining. Ghanaian Attorney General Godfred Dame announced that military forces acting as part of the ongoing crackdown on illegal gold mining known as galamsey have detained 45 people, including 10 ...

  • Ghana How State Military Protects Chinese Illegal Miners

    Jan 19, 2021 The current government of Ghana has since 2017 taken strong measures to put an end to illegal mining which is termed Galamsey in the Ghanaian local dialect. This has seen a drastic campaign which led to the arrest, prosecution and jail terms issued to the locals who engage in such activities that depletes forest reserves and also results in revenue losses to the state.

  • 2 Chinese Galamseyers Arrested 6 Others And 2 Ghanaians

    Apr 28, 2021 Two Chinese nationals have been arrested for illegal small scale mining by the Wassa East District Security Council and the Ghana Police Service in the Western Region.

  • 16 Armed Illegal Chinese Miners Arrested In Krobo Forest

    Dec 08, 2018 The Excavator Evacuation Team, a unit under the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining on Thursday, December 6, busted 16 Chinese illegal miners. This operation was carried out in the Krobo Forest. The 16 arrested Chinese have since been handed over to the Obuasi Police. Some Ghanaian accomplices were also captured in the raid.

  • Chinese Mission Caution Ghana Over Arrest Of Illegal Miners

    Apr 08, 2017 The Chinese Mission in Ghana has served a strong caution to the Government of Ghana that it will be extremely harmful to the bilateral relations between the two countries if there are reports of a casualty during the arrest of Chinese involved in illegal mining in Ghana.

  • Lifting The Lid On Ghanas Illegal Smallscale Mining Problem

    Sep 25, 2019 Chinese miners, in particular, numbering tens of thousands, introduced mechanisation and new technology. ... It warned that if illegal mining was left unchecked, Ghana could be

  • Ghana Arrests 124 Illegal Chinese Gold Miners Lipstick Alley

    Aug 29, 2013 Illegal mining is the driving factor behind a raft of problems in Ghana it pits citizens against Chinese miners, results in an economic shortfall for the government and deprives citizens of a possible source of income.

  • Ghanas Goldmine Arrest Chinas Latest Headache In

    Jun 10, 2013 The most recent wave of arrests targeting illegal Chinese gold miners in Ghana has brought attention to a group of individuals too often overlooked while discussing Chinas involvement in

  • China Begins Cocoa Productions To Dethrone Ghana As

    Apr 20, 2021 Observers are of the opinion that the entire illegal mining operations of the Chinese that have led to the destruction of virgin forests, cocoa plantations and river bodies in Ghana was a dialectic to distract Ghana from realising that China was actually developing its own cocoa plantations.

  • Is China Reacting To Expulsions Of Miners In Ghana

    Jul 17, 2013 This year The Guardian exposed the scale of illegal Chinese gold mining in Ghana in a film that showed widespread excavating and use of toxic chemicals, and allegations of